Our Story



Japanese word for an answer to a question you ask yourself

A few years ago, I started noticing "accidental" hearts during my city walks. An imperfection on the sidewalk, water drying after the rain, a simple drop of ink - all unplanned-yet-magnetic heart-shaped tokens.

I captured photographs of these unexpected moments and tucked them away in an album. But as I revisited the photos, I realized that these hearts were much more than temporary symbols of love; in fact, they were the inspiration to share more love in our relationships.


love is everywhere

So, Kotae came to life for others to express love, no matter the occasion. We combine sophisticated card design with a blank canvas to craft meaningful messages of gratitude, support, celebration, or whatever is in your heart.

Don't wait to share love. Serendipitous moments show us that love is found everywhere, but most importantly - in each other.

With love,



our commitment

sustainable art
we show love to the planet by printing our cards in forest-certified paper and packaging our items in recycled and compostable materials.
love in action
we want to inspire others to be more intentional with those who matters the most in their lives.
messages with meaning
we encourage each other to delight in simple hand-written messages as gestures of love and authentic connection.