What is a real apology?

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It’s totally normal and just part of being alive. We’re all human, after all!. Actually, that’s how we learn and grow, so it's actually a good thing. 

But sometimes, emotion get in the way, and we mess up with the people we love the most. And that can be a difficult and emotional experience, involving feelings like guilty and shame. It’s tough to see we have let that person down. Worse, it can also bring a sense of fear and uncertainty about how the person will react and whether or not the relationship will be able to recover. So, where to start? By self-reflecting, taking ownership of our actions, and then speaking from our hearts, communicating openly and honestly to try to repair any damage that has been done. 

Much has been said about how to make a real apology. It's not just about saying "sorry" or to try to make someone else feel better. It’s about being honest, accountable, and being proactive in preventing similar mistakes from happening in the future. It’s about real change and building trust. And, a positive side effect, it can be a wonderful learning experience.

We know it’s easier said than done. And that sometimes it’s difficult look into someone eyes and express your feelings like tis. Again, we’re all human. But there is a powerful alternative: write it down, and make your words live forever! 

We have the perfect apology cards to help you make your amends. And they all come with our incredible accidental hearts that will open the door for you with their inherent message of love!

What are you waiting for?