The antidote to technology monotony

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In the age of the internet, we have anything we want at the reach of our fingers. We are all aware of all technology benefits and delighted with our devices, apps, and the ultimate level of convenience they bring us. Truly. 

The technology benefits are unquestionable, and the level of access to information, communication, and goods in the age of the internet has no parallel in human history. I can’t think of many things we can’t have delivered at our doors, not to mention music, courses, news, and all information in the world that can fit in our smartphones. I laugh out loud when someone posts photos of telephones, computers, and other gadgets before the internet age.

But if it’s true that every excess hides a lack, in believing we could live a digital life, we might have gone too far. Even now, when we are at least partially returning to our offices, digital connection through image, emails, or instant texts still represent a larger share of our social and professional communication. At the end of the day, many of us feel drained, and the last thing we want is more screen time.


And the reason is that even with all the technology benefits in this paraphernalia, something is missing: the emotion that makes us human. So we have to keep in our lives more meaningful ways to connect. And that’s where writing comes in.

A handwritten note is a middle to bring back the emotion and the experience of being connected again through memories, love, a compliment, humor, a restart, an invitation, an apology, offering help, celebration, comfort, and positive thoughts. 

If you open your heart, there is always something to be written because it might not be perfect, but your words will be you.

You won’t be able to see their smiles, but I’m sure you can imagine it.