So it's Christmas. What?


 As we prepare our minds and stomachs for Thanksgiving week, our hearts start to sense what comes next: in a blink of an eye, Christmas will be here. We know it's going to happen that fast, but we still feel shocked. Time once again seems to fly at this period of the year. Can you relate?

Since this is Kotae's first Holidays season, I wanted to have something special. And, when I started looking for a new photo for this season's cards, I again got an unexpected surprise. Mary Gaul, an intrepid entrepreneur from Colorado, sent me a picture of a plant that, besides being beautiful, had two essential features. First, heart-shaped leaves; second, it comes in red and green, the colors of the season. It was a win-win photo. Yay!

But I was curious about this plant, an incredible accidental heart sponsored by mother nature. Since I'm not a green thumb (although lately, I've been luckier), there I went to an online search. The name of this plant is Caladium, but it's commonly known as elephant ear, heart of Jesus, and angel wings. There are about 1000 varieties of the original bicolor class of this plant that comes from South America. This is a partial to full shade plant, and Florida is (by far!!) the primary producer of Caladiums in America. Ha! I doubt you knew that!

I loved learning about the beautiful Caladium, and maybe I'll risk having one at home! But there was another thing I loved even more. For the second time in a row, someone came to me offering a photo of an accidental heart. That's a fantastic feeling to know that other people can also notice them around. First, it makes me smile in the same way I do when I find my own accidental hearts. Second, it fills my heart with hope that more and more people can get inspired by the story behind Kotae. And third, it reminds me that all my effort is absolutely worth it.

Kotae has taken me on a journey of self-discovery, and it's been a fantastic ride so far. I've been meeting other outstanding and inspiring women entrepreneurs, and I learn from them all the time. I learned how to be more focused and productive. But I also learned that there are spaces where I can be vulnerable, not feel judged, and ask for help. And to accept it.  

I can say only thank you. And I hope my cards can bring some love to your Holidays season.

Let the season begin!