Kotae, from my heart to yours

Hi everyone,

My name is Sandra, and I'm the owner of Kotae.

This post is my first on what is also my first blog. It's at the same time exciting and daunting. I expect to create here a space where I can speak freely and bring you news about Kotae. It'll have a personal tone, and that's how I want it to be because anything I write here will be from my heart to yours. I hope we connect.

I made a career in the financial market in Brazil for 20 years and quit it when I was 40. I took a sabbatical year in Italy, lived a love story in The Netherlands, and decided to move to the United States to start a business at the age of 50. Yes, that was a lot of change! But also a lot of reflection and learning, in a positive way.

After arriving in the US, I tried to implement three different projects, but I failed beautifully. It seems I was trapped in the garage myth of entrepreneurship. And I don't mind saying that. I read a quote once that says something like, "not getting what you want is sometimes a struck of luck." I now can agree with that, 100%. Because when the pandemic started, and we had to go to lockdown, I had time to reorganize my life, which led me to rediscover my collection of the accidental hearts that I had saved somewhere on my computer. And that's when the story of Kotae started to happen.

A friend of mine suggested that I reflect on how I created Kotae. I was trying so hard to have an aha moment, to have that idea to make it big, but it never happened. At least in that way. Kotae was a completely different process. From the first moment, what moved me forward was the desire to share what I felt every time I found one of my accidental hearts, to inspire other people to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones, to express their feelings, to believe that love is everywhere because, before anything, it is inside of us.

I was not sure about how to do it, but I didn't have to think for too long: stationery also came naturally. In the past, I said many times that if I could have a business, it would be a local stationery store. When I was a child, I simply loved going with my mom to stationery stores right before the school year started. I remember looking (and of course touching, lol) every single article I could reach in the store. I also remember all the colors, textures, and smells of paper, pencils, ink, rubber. Every time I enter a traditional stationery store nowadays, I go straight to the place where I keep those memories.

But times have changed, and I could now have an online business. That was created on some important foundations: creative stationery brought to life using environmentally and socially responsible processes and materials, with the help of other small businesses as mine.

That is the road I choose. And I'm happy you will be there with me.
If you have any ideas of subjects you'd like me to write about here, shoot me a message at info@kotaecards.com or click here.

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Welcome to Kotae!


Sandra Morassutti the creator of Kotae stationery with love