Get inspired by the World Art Day

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Tomorrow, April 15th is World Art Day, first celebrated by the International Association of Art - IAA in 2012 and proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO in 2019.

This is the one day of the year artists worldwide unite and celebrate the creative and artistic creations from all walks of life, sharing diversity, culture, and freedom of expression. There are opportunities for individuals to join across the globe to participate in various activities such as debates, conferences, workshops, cultural events, and exhibitions.
You may think art is only part of your life when you visit a museum, watch a movie, listen to music, or maybe risk some drawing. But the truth is that we don't realize how art is integrated with almost everything we do.

We, humans, started using art before we could even speak. The oldest known prehistoric art was created on a rock face in South Africa approximately 73,000 years ago. The oldest known cave painting was found in Spain and was possibly created around 64,000 years ago.

Studies indicate they were not pure art but an early form of communication, telling a story and transferring knowledge. I think it's fascinating because I believe that is precisely what art is.

Art is in the fonts we use on our computers, in the logos of the products we buy, in the design of the shelves inside your refrigerator, in the streets, in books, music, absolutely everything. And it became a separate world, moving tons of money to a level that sometimes we can't understand.

That's why The World's Art Day is so important. It's not about money, but how art touches each of us, in any form, made by anybody.

As you know, Kotae was born from a personal art project of mine, in the form of photographs. If I had not paid attention to those accidental hearts that popped up on my city walks and hadn't decided to photograph them, I would not be able to share them through my cards with you all.

One day, I talked to a professional photographer about my accidental hearts and said I was an amateur photographer. He said I was not an amateur, I was a photographer, and my photographs were my art. My heart melted. How could everything be so connected?

Art nurtures creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity. It also sparks emotions and feelings and promotes connection.

At this moment, when we seek peace throughout the world, let this day inspire you to express your love, respect, and appreciation to someone you care about. Not only today but every day.



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