A Sensible Eye to the World

A couple of years ago, I started finding accidental hearts on sidewalks and photographing them. Why accidental? Well, nobody draws them. They just pop up randomly.

Still don't get it? Let me show you!

One of the first hearts I found is the "Sidewalk Stamp." I was walking on the Upper West Side in Manhattan when I thought I had seen a heart. I came back, took a second look, and yes, there was it! It was clearly a heart! I can't tell you exactly how it happened. Still, I believe it appeared when black ink, maybe from a renovation happening around, splashed on the sidewalk. "Sidewalk Stamp" decorates the cover of our "Love is Everywhere" card.

Another favorite is the one I named "After the Rain," which I found walking home from work. It had rained heavily in Manhattan in that afternoon, but at the time, the water from the rain had already started to dry up on the sidewalks. And suddenly, there it was: a lovely and perfect visible heart! "After the Rain" now decorates our "A Big Thank You" card.

Another one? I found "Little Red" on a sidewalk in São Paulo while walking home with my father (hi Dad!!). And I took the photo with my Dad's phone! I have no idea how this one popped up, but I think you can understand why it's my big favorite! I chose it to decorate our "Today We Celebrate You" card.

Finding an accidental heart is always very exciting to me. And what I feel is still the same: it warms my heart and makes me smile. It's also interesting to see the reaction of the hurried people passing by, who never stop to try to see what I'm photographing, and usually look at me like I'm nuts. Then I literally laugh!

I can't talk enough about how happy I am for the opportunity to share with you the accidental hearts I find and the message they bring. Love is everywhere, especially inside of us. Please spread this news!